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Medal of Honor or Medal of Shame?

I would normally not have bought this game but it was $43 so I couldn't resist. Now do I regret my decision even though the game cost less than $50?
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Killzone 3 Open Beta

Can't wait for the release of Killzone 3? Neither can we! See what we think of the game so far with our test run on the open beta.
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Little Big Planet 2 Review

wenGie to put her awesome review here! Ask Irene how to change the text here.
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February 27, 20117 years ago

Medal of Honor Tier 1 Edition Review

This game has been out since mid October of 2010, but I'm reviewing it now because I decided to buy it during a recent trip to Hong Kong (more on that adventure in my next post). My main reason for buying this game (apart from my love for 1st person shooters and it only cost me $43AUD) was the multiplayer and how they were objective based so I was hoping for another flavour but similar to BFBC2. But before I get into the multiplayer, lets start with the single person component of the game.

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Tags: beta, killzone 3
February 27, 20117 years ago

Killzone 3 Open Beta

Today I realised that the Killzone 3 Open Beta was out and I had not downloaded yet! So as soon as I got home I downloaded the 800MB file before getting ready for some Killzone multiplayer action.

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January 30, 2011 Posted by Irene Lee in

COD Black Ops

Insert review here Irene.

Game On!

We're about to bring the first corporate gaming event in Sydney and it all starts with you! If you work at an organisation with gamers that would like to compete with other businesses to test the best of the best, register your team today!
January 29, 2011 Posted by admin in

Little Big Planet 2

Wengie to put up her review of this game.