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Wendy Huang (WenGie)

Co-Founder Wendy co-founded CGL with Irene Lee in 2011 with a vision to create an outlet for business people to enjoy their love for competitive video gaming with like-minded individuals. As co-founder of Corporate Gaming League, Wendy’s focus is on strategic media deals and using social media channels to bring this growing gaming community to the masses. While co-founding CGL, Wendy is also Head of Social Media at E-Web Marketing, where she manages the social media strategy for several key clients including Bing Lee, and Corporate Gaming League. This is also where she meet fellow girl gamer and co-founder Irene Lee. Before E-Web Marketing, she was the Management Accountant at Johnson & Johnson Pacific.

Irene Lee (littlemisscheekie)

Co-Founder Irene co-founded CGL with Wendy Huang in 2011 so she could combine her lifelong passion for gaming and her deeply competitive nature. As co-founder of Corporate Gaming League, Irene focuses on the long-term strategy for the website and cementing CGL’s position as the largest only video game league for the corporate world. She is the lead designer and online marketing manager, who is always up for a game at CGL events. While co-founding CGL, Irene is also the Business Analyst (aka Bad Ass) at E-Web Marketing where you can find her organising internal gaming events. This included a Super Street Fighter 4 tournament where she finished in the Final 4 (wenGie took home the crown).

Together, CGL's mission is to bring a new level of competitive gaming to business professionals.