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Medal of Honor Tier 1 Edition Review

This game has been out since mid October of 2010, but I'm reviewing it now because I decided to buy it during a recent trip to Hong Kong (more on that adventure in my next post). My main reason for buying this game (apart from my love for 1st person shooters and it only cost me $43AUD) was the multiplayer and how they were objective based so I was hoping for another flavour but similar to BFBC2. But before I get into the multiplayer, lets start with the single person component of the game.

Single Player Campaign I've never really followed the story of campaigns too closely. Generally because I have a short attention span, and my focus is to just finish it so that I can dig into the multiplayer and compete with some real players. I've finished the first part of the game and I liked the pace, animations were smooth, and enjoyed the variety of games. The dialogue was good enough so that you could follow the story without it getting in the way of the enjoyment of the game. One thing that stood out to me compared to playing COD:BO was the checkpoints were far and few inbetween. So this makes it a little harder for you to go to the next stage if you're not good at shooters. Do I see myself playing the campaign a 2nd time around? Highly unlikely but that's probably the case for majority of games.

Multiplayer Action Finally what I've been waiting for, and OMG why did they have to make going online so damn difficult? Is this to combat piracy because really it's just irritating for someone who just wants to quickly jump in and kill some people. There are a couple of different game modes and the one that I was interested in playing was "Sector Control" (if I remember correctly). While in multiplayer mode, I couldn't help but noticed there were less than 1000 players in each of the different game modes at any one time. This is a big contrast when you're playing Black Ops where there is a minimum of 100K players playing a variety of games. I didn't think anything of it because with at least 1000 players, I should be able to get into a good game right? I was wrong!

I tried getting into a Sector Control game a number of times, and I just found myself alone on a map waiting for players... Out of frustration I then decided to go into a team deathmatch style game. Finally some players! But the game was just boring. I felt no sense of achievement when I got my kills and the respawn points were so random where at a number of occasions you will find yourself spawning at the oppositions camp. If you haven't noticed, I was initially keen to get my hands on multiplayer, but after 45 mins of disappointments I'm finding myself wanting to go back to the campaign than play anything else. That should tell you how I feel about this game.

What has been your experience? Does it echo what I've gone through or was it just an off day?

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